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Effects on New York State Roadways on Amphibians and Reptiles: A Research and Adaptive Mitigation Project

<p>This report explains the impacts of transportation infrastructure on herpetile populations, the landscape, local habitat, and architectural attributes of effective herpetile crossing structures and employs habitat analyses to identify &#39;connectivity zones&#39; where crossing structures would be most appropriately deployed along New York State roadways. To conserve New Yorks herpetiles we must protect a diversity of habitats that they require as well as the connections between them.

Economic Competitiveness:Performance Measures for Transportation

<p>The New York State Department of Transportat ion (NYSDOT) is developing a comprehensive set of measures that link investments in transportation to the general economic performance of the New York State Economy. The agency would like to understand in particular how NYSDOT investments singularly or in concert with investments by State and Local governments and Public Agencies/Authorities could improve economic competitiveness. As in the rest o f the U.S., transport systems have been designed to link, impact and even stimulate economic activites.

Durability of Recycled Plastic Piles in Aggressive Soils

In the United States millions of piles are used to support residential, commercial,
and transportation structures. There are, however, some problems associated with
the use of traditional piling. It is now more commonly required to install piles on
corrosive and contaminated soils, due to industrialization. The durability of
concrete, corrosion of steel, and deterioration of wood is a serious hindrance to
construction in these environments, particularly where high concentrations of
sulfides or chlorides are present.

Diesel Ultrafine/Fine Particle Emissions in Numbers:Statistical Modeling and Evaluation of Engine Operating Variables

This work aims to develop statistical models for ultrafine/fine particle number emission rates from a
diesel bus, to evaluate the explanatory power of engine operating variables. Emissions were recorded
by using on-board instrumentation in two types of real-world driving conditions: a freeway
commuting route and a within-city-limits bus route, with stop and go due to intersections and bus
stops. To reduce the risk of drawing spurious conclusions, three replications of the experiment were

Deformation of Cohesionless Fill due to Cyclic Loading

Integral abutment bridges are becoming widely accepted for new construction of short to medium
length highway bridges of limited skew. Although they offer an economic alternative to the use of
bearings, integral abutments present their own unique challenges. One area of concern is the
development of passive pressures behind the abutment due to the cyclic loading of the soil during
thermal movement of the superstructure. The challenge of the present work is to present to the

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