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UTRC’s research projects comply with its theme of “Planning and Managing Regional Transportation Systems in a Changing World”. UTRC conducts research in critical areas related to transit, intermodal, infrastructure and regional funding and pricing. In addition to agencies funded research projects, UTRC funds projects in transportation area in the following categories; UTRC Research Initiative; UTRC Advanced Technology Initiative; and UTRC Faculty Development Mini-grants. All the Active and Completed projects can be browsed using our search database which filters projects by title Principal Investigator, Institution, Sponsors, Fiscal year, Topic Areas, and Funding Category. To request a hard copy of our Project Reports, please send us an email at

Research Highlights

Using Lighting to Alter Driver Behavior

Safety and traffic flow issues are related to drivers selecting inappropriate speeds when driving. For example, at some curved interchange exit ramps, drivers may go too fast, increasing the risk of rollover crashes, especially for heavy trucks. At other locations,… more

Reinforcement Learning Methods for Traffic Demand Analysis and Control in Intelligent Transportation Systems

Within the dynamic field of transportation research, Reinforcement Learning (RL) has been recognized as a critical approach to monitor, model, and manage transportation systems. Among the diverse array of RL techniques, the Upper Confidence Bound (… more