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Dr. Alain Kornhauser

Dr. Alain Kornhauser is Professor of Operations Research & Financial Engineering at Princeton University. He studied Aerospace Engineering at Penn State earning a BS and MS and Princeton, earning a PhD. In 1971 he joined the Aerospace Engineering faculty at U of Minnesota where he applied automation, network analysis and optimal control to the design of Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) Systems. He returned to Princeton in 1972 extending his pivotal work to more conventional forms of transportation. In 1979 he founded ALK Technologies, Inc.

Conduct Urban Agglomeration with the Baton of Transportation

The goal of this study is to identify transportation planning strategies that will lead to envisioned smart growth patterns. In pursuit of this goal, the study aims at achieving two objectives: (1) understand the dynamic working process of planning strategies and (2) design efficient transportation policies and investment plans that will result in optimal agglomeration patterns. Most urban areas today are either experiencing notable deagglomeration or agglomeration.

An analysis of the agglomeration benefits of transit investment

Transit investments can affect the clustering of economic activity within a region due to the changes in accessibility that transit can provide, either by increasing firm-based access to the central business district or increasing effective labor market size. This clustering can lead to what are known as agglomeration benefits that increase overall economic productivity and are external to the decisions taken by individual firms. Cost-benefit analysis of transit investments rarely account for such external benefits.

Towards Socially and Economically Sustainable Urban Developments

The objective of this research is to investigate the effects of road pricing plan, land-use policy and investments on transportation infrastructure on urbanized region and to help select the appropriate policies that foster socially and economically sustainable urban development. Most current road pricing research and practice have focused on the function of road pricing to manage congestion and to raise revenue. However, little is known about the effects of road pricing and land-use policies on the sustainability of an area over time.

The Cost of Transporting People in New Jersey, Phase 1

Project publications may be ordered by contacting Dr. Ellen Thorson.

Project Summary

This project is concerned with the assessment of the generalized costs of passenger transportation in New Jersey and the application of these cost estimates to policy decisions.

The first objective will be to develop a generic cost model that will estimate the generalized economic costs of various modes of passenger transportation.

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