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Intelligent Transportation Systems

Dr. James J. Winebrake

James Winebrake is an accomplished scholar and teacher and has been an integral part of RIT’s research and educational mission for close to a decade. For the past eight years, Winebrake has served as chair of RIT’s Department of Science, Technology and Society/Public Policy, where he led efforts to develop and expand curricular offerings at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Self-Organized Transport System


It can be quite frustrating when you come home in the middle of the night only to be stopped by a red light when no one is in sight for a mile. It is even more frustrating when you go on a 55 mph road only to brake and stop every half mile at a traffic light. These are the functions of antiquated traffic signals designed several decades ago to manage peak traffic. The lights are not controlled in real-time, but rather are optimized (if at all) for conditions observed in the past.

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