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Sabiheh Faghih

Sabiheh Faghih is a PhD student in Transportation Engineering, at City College of New York. Her in - ternship is with NYMTC and she will work closely with NYMTC Technical Group to help to identify and overcome “Challenges of Conducting Surveys for Activity-Based Travel Demand Models”. The three important surveys that are used for data collection are the Household travel survey, Establishment survey and Visitor survey.

Kievel Hall

Kievel Hall is pursuing a Master of Science Program in Civil Engineering at the New York University Tandon School of Engineering with emphasis on transportation, construction engineering and management. The overall objective of this program is to address the need for highly qualified professionals who are trained to respond effectively to the strain on the built environment resulting from the rapidly growing population. This of course entails improving existing systems and designing projects that answers the new challenges raised by modern society.

Di Liu

Di Liu, a second-year Master's of Public Administration with concentration on policy, will intern at NYMTC to develop an action plan to link environmental and transportation planning. Di got her dual Bachelor's degree from Peking University in Beijing, China, majoring in English Literature and Economics.

Shenuque Tissera

Shenuque Tissera is a graduate student at Hunter College, where he is studying for his M.A. in geography. He will be working under Professor Hongmian Gong while he develops his thesis on bike sharing in New York, Boston, and Washington DC. In the end, he hopes to uncover the user demographics and consumption patterns of American bike share programs. He hopes that this analysis will help with the expansion and development of American bike share programs. Shenuque’s past research on New York Citi Bike with Dr.

Eamonn Grant

Eamonn Grant is currently enrolled in the Masters of Science in Transportation Planning and Engineering program at NYU Polytechnic. During his studies, Eamonn will be introduced to modern techniques used to design some of the nation’s busiest transportation networks. Courses will also focus on methods used to plan operating schedules to ensure commuters will have reliable routes to travel on. Eamonn is currently employed full time by MTA New York City Transit as a signals engineer.

Monique Thompson

Monique Thompson is currently pursuing a Master of Science Degree in Transportation Management at Polytechnic School of Engineering. Her undergraduate degree is in Business Administration with a concentration in Management from Berkley College in White Plains, New York. Her professional background is in the field of Transportation and Procurement. Currently, Monique works for New York City Transit which is an agency within the Metropolitan Transit Authority for the Department of Material, Capital Procurement Program.

Anita Ahmed

Anita Ahmed is pursuing a Master of Science degree in Applied Urban Science and Informatics (MAUSI) at NYU-Centre of Urban Science and Progress (CUSP). Anita has a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada and is currently working as a Mechanical Systems Designer at MTA-New York City Transit (NYCT). Her current position at NYCT has allowed her to develop an understanding of how large cities respond to urban challenges like population growth and maintenance.

Md Irfanul Mostafa

Md Irfanul Mostafa is currently working in New York State Department of Transportation and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering at The City College of New York. As a member of the Traffic, Safety and Mobility unit in NYSDOT, his most important career goal is to continue making contributions that saves lives, prevents injuries and reduces economic cost due to road traffic crashes. Md is involved in many NYSDOT projects relating to development in traffic planning, safety measurement and transportation system.

Katie O'Sullivan

Katie is in her second year of the Masters in Regional Planning program at the University at Albany. Through her studies and career, she hopes to contribute to transportation policy that connects land use supporting travel by non-motorized modes and transit.

Matthew Rosenbloom-Jones

Matthew Rosenbloom-Jones is currently enrolled in the graduate planning program at SUNY Albany with a concentration in transportation. His specific interests lie in, but are not limited to, mass transit and rail. In his time at SUNY Albany, he has continued to develop his interests in the field of transportation, serving as one of two SUNY Albany members of the Capital District Transportation Authority’s sustainability council.

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