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UTRC proudly announces the 2012 recepients of its distiguished schoarship program series . Advanced Institute of Transportation Education (AITE)’s purpose is to increase the knowledge and capabilities of transportation professional through education in transportation and related fi elds. A major part of the AITE program is providing scholarships to young people, both those that are just starting their careers and those who are already working in the transportation fi eld who want to increase their knowledge and skills. The Graduate Scholarship Program is a major part of the AITE Program. The 2012 Scholarship Awardees are:

Recipients from Universities
Academic Advisor
Jacqueline Burton New York University Dr. Zhan Guo
Sean Michael Coffey Rowan University Dr. Yusuf Mehta
Jonathan Daniel Eagelton Rutgers University Dr. Hani Nassif
Scott Fishberg Rutgers University Dr. Michael Lahr
Joshua Mark Herman Polytechnic Institute of NYU Dr. Elena Prassas
Heather Anne Martin Rutgers University Dr. Robert Noland
Samuel L. Piper University at Albany Dr. Catherine Lawson
Thai Minh Truong University at Buffalo Dr. Qian Wang
Nathan Jeffrey Wojcik University at Albany Dr. Catherine Lawson
Recipients from Agencies
EllenCaesar-Quaye Polytechnic Institute of NYU NYSDOT/Dr. Elena Prassas
Ratan Md. Huda University at Buffalo NYSDOT/ Dr. George Lee
Dawn Stewart-Riles Polytechnic Institute of NYU NYCT/ Dr. Elena Prassas