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Event date and time

Why Attend

This conference brings together the buyers, sellers and facilitators of SmartDrivingCars, trucks and buses. It is time to move past the hype and accelerate the commercialization and deployment of SmartDriving technology so that society can begin to capture its benefits.

We will have four focus areas:

  1. Near-term Safety Benefits of Safe-driving Cars How insurance and new car dealers can benefit by promoting the RoI advantages to fleets and mutually beneficial promotional discounts to consumers. As well as an update as to the performance in automatically avoiding crashes of the technology options available in showrooms today. 
  2. Near-term Regulatory Challenges that are needed to facilitate the shared use of our existing streets by low and normal speed Driverless vehicles 
  3. Near-term Mobility and Community Service Benefits of the array of emerging low-speed Driverless shuttles to all in gated communities and campuses, to the mobility disadvantaged in many/most suburban communities and to address first-mile, last-mile accessibility challenges in transit-oriented communities.
  4. The Current State-of-the-art in DeepDriving to the long-term opportunities of using affordable Computer Vision and elegant Deep Learning training, testing and enhancing techniques in SmartDrivingCars, and more.

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