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Basic Information

 The Center for Thermal Spray Research (CTSR) at Stony Brook University was established in 1996 through the NSF Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers program. Since its inception, the CTSR has been at the heart of a number of exciting fundamental science and applied engineering initiatives to enhance the scientific base of thermal spray (TS) coating technology. Thermal spray technology continues to grow and services a broad industrial community; coatings are ubiquitous in gas turbine engines (propulsion and energy), automotive, pulp/paper and infrastructure maintenance. Emerging applications include coatings for orthopedic and dental implants, solid oxide fuel cells, and functional sensors for harsh environments.

Between 1996 and 2007, the center through the NSF funded program established a sound fundamental research base carrying out state-of-the-art experimental and theoretical research on the synthesis, modeling and properties of wide classes of traditional and novel TS materials and new functional configurations. In recent years, the group has sought a new approach to continue its research and development enterprise through the establishment of an industry-university type cooperative research program “Consortium for Thermal Spray Technology”. The consortium and center are now supported through industry, the NSF and other agencies, and serve as an academic focal point for this multibillion dollar industry.

CTSR’s research philosophy is based on an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to the thermal spray process and materials research and development, along with multi-level education, and the addressing of problems that are both of fundamental and practical engineering importance. The Center seeks to link research to practice so as to enable the implementation of thermal spray coatings into the design cycle, the utilization of robust processing methodologies, and simple, yet scientifically based characterization and property measurement tooling.