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Basic Information

Established in 2002, with a grant from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the CUNY Aviation Institute at York College is actively engaged in "Advancing Aviation Through Academic Achievement."

Since September 11, 2001, America's aviation sector has been confronting unprecedented demands for change. From overhauling security arrangements to restructuring financially troubled major carriers, each component of our air transportation system has been compelled to reassess and begin to redesign key structures and processes. As both government and businesses are creating the elements of a new paradigm for civil aviation in America, the CUNY Aviation Institute at York College is well positioned to offer access to a key ingredient for successful restructuring - the "know-how" that will make new security programs and business models succeed.

Both location and timing contribute to our attributes as an agent of know-how. Situated between La Guardia and Kennedy airports, York College offers an ideal location for CUNY's Aviation Institute. With the JFK Air Train serving Jamaica in 2003, York's campus is just 15 minutes away from New York's aviation gateway to the world.

The CUNY Aviation Institute is the first university-level educational and training program for the aviation industry designed in the aftermath of 9-11 at the City University of New York. The Institute will afford CUNY students and others a unique chance to participate in aviation's recovery and future growth by acquiring the skills needed to support the industry. From imparting the latest techniques to planting the seeds of management savvy, the Aviation Institute at York College will develop creative and talented aviation professionals who make a big contribution to the new needs of aviation in a changing, and challenging, environment.