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As her independent research topic, Amit Arora studied parking regulations and supply/ demand issues in and around NYMTC’s planning area. This research topic was proposed by the Metropolitan Mobility Network, an advisory working group which advises NYMTC on transportation demand management (TDM) issues in the New York-NewJersey-Connecticut metropolitan region. Amit examined 22 municipalities to understand how parking requirements and policies vary across the region, and gathered information about innovative practices in the region and around the country. She received guidance on her project from two advisors, Dr. Dan Chatman of Rutgers University, and Jan Khan, Regional Planning Manager for NYMTC.

Amit’s research created an inventory of existing parking regulations and ordinances, analyzed policies and identified innovative parking practices from case studies primarily in the New York metropolitan region, but also elsewhere in the United States. Her research also examined planners’ and developers’ perspectives on parking. Amit‘s interviews with planners indicated that parking supply was inadequate and also found a shortage in supply of spaces in commuter lots and downtown areas, possibly because commuter lots are either free or are relatively inexpensive. Amit also found that some municipalities have adopted innovative parking practices in their ordinances, which can be implemented and replicated in other municipalities.


Amit Arora is presently working as a National Professional Officer with the World Health Organization (WHO) in the area of road safety and injury prevention and is based out of WHO’s India Country Office in New Delhi, India.

Amit Arora
Urban Planning