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I, Yusuf Mehta, Ph.D., have known Mr. Ashish Wadkar for the past year as an Instructor and as a research advisor. Mr. Ashish Wadkar has clearly demonstrated proficiency in the Civil Engineering Materials class, and advanced transportation class that I taught this year. He has spearheaded the effort in the safety research project sponsored by the New Jersey Department of Transportation and pavement research project sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration. He has taken the lead in submitting timely reports and conduct scholarly work. He thinks through the problem logically and rationally.

In the last none months, he has performed and excelled beyond the tasks required for the class and the research projects. His efforts were evident with the acceptance of his work for presentation at the DAWG workshop in TRB, MAIREPAV 2009, Sigma Xi Research Symposium and presentation of his scholarly work at the Federal Aviation Administration Technical Group. He also has submitted a paper at for presentation and publication at the Transportation Research Board meeting titled “Load Transfer Efficiency of Rigid Airfield Pavements”. The presentation of his scholarly work at various diverse forums within the first year of his starting of the M.S. is a clear testament of his intellectual and creative abilities.

Mr. Ashish Wadkar is enthusiastic, hardworking and diligent. His academic performance, his intellectual capability and his enthusiasm clearly demonstrate his overall abilities as an outstanding student and an excellent researcher. I strongly and unreservedly recommend Mr. Ashish Wadkar for the Outstanding University in Transportation Award. . If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call at (856) 256-5327 or send me email at