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David King is an Assistant Professor of Urban Planning. His research explores the impact of local transportation planning on the built environment, public finance and accessibility. As part of this research he has written about the phenomenon of cruising for parking and used spatial regression techniques to analyze travel behavior. He also studies how public policy influences the adoption of new technologies to address congestion, energy and environmental concerns. These issues are the focus of Professor King's teaching through his courses covering planning techniques and methods, transportation and land use planning and transport policy. David joined the faculty in 2008. He did his graduate work at UCLA and the Humphrey Institute at the University of Minnesota.

Dr. David King
Assistant Professor of Urban Planning
Title Sponsor(s)
Do Consumer Expenditures Affect the Demand for Driving? University Transportation Research Center (UTRC)
Estimating the Effects of Car Sharing on Household Travel and Parking Demand Research and Innovative Technology Administration / USDOT (RITA)
Streetcar projects as spatial planning: A shift in transport planning in the United States University Transportation Research Center (UTRC)