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Dr. Zur Muehlen helps organizations improve both performance and compliance through new approaches to Business Process Analytics and Intelligence, Workflow Automation, and Enterprise Architecture. He studies the development and use of standards to describe Information Systems, finds new ways to combine Business Rules and Business Processes, and develops methods to identify operational risks using a process-oriented view. He has over fifteen years of experience in the field of process innovation and workflow management, and has led numerous analysis and reengineering projects in both United States and Europe. He has worked with companies in the financial, industrial, and public sector. Dr. zur Muehlen serves as an advisor to the Chief Architect and Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. Department of Defense's Business Mission Area. An active contributor to standards in the BPM area, Dr. zur Muehlen is a fellow of the Workflow Management Coalition and chairs the WfMC working group Management and Audit. His research has been funded by SAP Research, the US Army, the Australian Research Council, and private sponsors. Dr. zur Muehlen is the author of a book on workflow-based process controlling and more than 60 peer-reviewed articles on process management and workflow automation. He won three best paper awards at international conferences and was recipient of the Harvey N. Davis award for outstanding graduate teaching. He has presented his research in more than 20 countries and is a frequent panelist and keynote speaker at academic and industry conferences. His presentations have been viewed online more than 30,000 times.

Dr. Michael Zur-Muehlen
Associate Professor of Information Systems at the Howe School of Technology Management