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Dr. Lyu's research interests include natural image statistics, digital image forensics, machine learning and computer vision. He leads the Machine Learning and Vision Lab (MLVL) at UAlbany. MLVL has focused on in the area of video analysis, and on-going projects include fusing 3D scene reconstruction with live tracking for optimal event representation, unsupervised data-driven machine learning methods for video event categorization, and supervised learning methods using side information.

Prior to joining UAlbany's faculty, Lyu served as a research scientist at Microsoft Research, where he helped develop techniques to render and recognize digital inks. He holds four patents. He also previously worked with the Center for Neurosciences at New York University.

Dr. Lyu graduated from Dartmouth College with Ph.D. degree in Computer Science in 2005, and from Beijing University with M.S. degree in Computer Science and B.S. degree in Information Science in 2000 and 1997, respectively.

Dr. Siwei Lyu
Associate Professor, Computer Science