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Human impact on our environment has created a variety of problems that require fundamental understanding of natural systems.

My research is focused on the biogeochemical cycles of elements in the environment. For example, I investigated the marine geochemistry of Cd, as well as several oxyanion elements, such as Ge, Mo and U, particularly the biogeochemical processes responsible for removal of these elements in the ocean. Currently, investigation of geochemistry of another oxyanion element, As, is being conducted in Bangladesh groundwater system and Maine, USA ( Investigation of sulfur biogeochemistry is being carried out in groundwater system and estuary. Studies of inorganic and organic contaminants and hypoxia on living resources of the bays and basins of western Long Island Sound are being conducted.

Field sampling and laboratory measurements of elements and isotopes are combined to study the biogeochemical cycles of elements. My laboratory also develops analytical methods that are suitable for field measurements as well as for rapid analyses of environmental samples. Our understanding of controls of element movement in nature enables us to make wiser decisions on environmental problems facing society today.

Dr. Yan Zheng
Professor, Geochemistry, Queens College
Columbia University Earth and Environ. Sci./marine geochemistry, Ph.D. 1999
Columbia University, Geol. Sci./chemical oceanography, M.Phil., 1994
Columbia University, Geol. Sci./isotope geochemistry, M.A., 1993
University of Science and Technology of China, (Hefei, China), Geochemistry, B.S, 1988