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Fabian Barch in a PhD Candidate in Sociology of Education at New York University. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Education Studies and French from Washington University in St. Louis. He has been a part of multiple research teams which used large data to better understand how work conditions relate to teacher job satisfaction, and to explore racial disparities in exclusionary school discipline practices. His doctoral research explores the relationship between students’ experiences with housing instability and their academic performance. His research interests center around questions of equity and access to public goods.

Fabian’s September 11th program internship is with the Regional & Strategic Planning subdivision’s Strategic Planning Unit, helping to identify and develop racial equity performance measures. This work continues the efforts of the Equity & Inclusion in Planning Working Group to expand on the agency’s commitment to improve transportation outcomes for all communities. The project seeks to further develop the Department of Transportation’s ability to track the impacts of their equity efforts, and to help maintain accountability in transportation planning.

Fabian Barch
PhD Candidate in Sociology of Education