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Through the Academic Initiative, Jennifer Lozano participated in an internship with MTA Capital Construction (MTA CC) to evaluate the outcome of workforce development initiatives and measure their success. Her supervisor was Regina Gramola of MTA CC. Jennifer was actively involved with the issue of workforce development and contributed to the development of several initiatives including technical lessons learned, mentoring, and professional development and training. She participated in designing evaluation and measurement techniques of the workforce development initiatives. Some of her responsibilities included interviewing MTA CC executive management regarding their objectives and proposed goals of each initiative; designing measurement techniques; and conducting the analysis.


Currently Jennifer Lozano works with project executives, engineers, construction managers, architects, and consultants to guarantee the success of the #7 Subway Line Extension for MTA CC. She feels that this major investment will vastly change the footprint of New York City public transportation and “feels blessed to be a part of it.” Jennifer believes that the September 11th Memorial Program was the key gateway in this career opportunity, having given her the foundation and skills necessary to work on a project of such a large magnitude. She wrote, “As a young woman embarking on my career path in the transportation profession, I am committed to carrying on the memory of Ignatius Adanga, Charles Lesperance, and See Wong Shum through my work ethic, dedication to public transportation, and leadership skills.”

Jennifer Lozano
Urban Planning