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As an AITE scholarship award recipient, Mr. Jonathan Eagelton has been given the opportunity to further his education, while expanding his graduate research work and thesis. Part of his graduate research work is to provide support for the construction and rehabilitation of several bridges for the New Jersey Turnpike Authority. Support is provided in the following ways: testing concrete mixtures used in bridge decks, installing reinforcement corrosion and concrete strain monitoring sensors during bridge reconstruction, and finite element modeling. All of this work is intended to provide the NJTA with improvements upon the specifications they have set.

The main focus of his research is to monitor the shrinkage and cracking behavior of various High-Early Strength and High Performance Concrete mixtures. One aspect of this research, as part of my thesis topic, will be to monitor the differences in shrinkage and cracking behavior of mixtures cured at different temperatures. This work includes both autogenous and drying shrinkage for free and restrained cases.

Academic Advisor, Dr. Hani Nassif, Rutgers University

Jonathan Daniel Eagelton