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Kievel Hall is pursuing a Master of Science Program in Civil Engineering at the New York University Tandon School of Engineering with emphasis on transportation, construction engineering and management. The overall objective of this program is to address the need for highly qualified professionals who are trained to respond effectively to the strain on the built environment resulting from the rapidly growing population. This of course entails improving existing systems and designing projects that answers the new challenges raised by modern society. The program covers courses that add up to 30 credit hours, including Intelligent Transportation Systems and Their Applications, Multimodal Transportation Safety, Introduction to Urban System Engineering, Instrumentation Monitoring and Conditional Assessment of Civil Infrastructure, Construction Scheduling, Project Management for Construction and engineering for construction I and II. Mr. Hall works as an Assistant Civil Engineering in the Civil/ Structural Engineering Sub-division of the Capital Program Management Department of New York City (NYC) Transit. This Master’s degree program will provide the requisite knowledge and training that will help him to become a sound leader in the profession and will also enhance his skills in planning, designing and building excellent capital projects that satisfies the needs for improving and rebuilding the NYC transit Capital Infrastructure.

Kievel Hall