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Seth Kerr is pursuing a Master of Urban Planning degree at NYU Wagner School of Public Service. Before graduate school, he served as a United States Army Officer specializing in medical logistics for eight years. During his service, Seth spent six years living in Kenya and Germany. He enjoyed riding transit systems worldwide and fulfilled his dream of riding the Shinkansen bullet train in Japan.

Seth is passionate about infrastructure and climate resiliency. He has a special interest in improving sustainable transportation options and believes wholeheartedly in the power of the humble, underrated bus. Bus Rapid Transit is captivating to Seth, and he would love to bring more dedicated busways to NYC, or ITDP rated BRT systems to US cities.

Seth’s September 11th project focuses on helping NYMTC improve its federal aid-eligible infrastructure condition monitoring and financial forecasting processes. He has had the opportunity to benchmark MPOs and State DOTs across the country for best practices. Seth will also help NYMTC develop an internal checklist for the Regional Transportation Plan financial forecasting process.

Next year for his last year of graduate school, Seth will serve as a John D. Solomon Fellow with New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM).