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Dr. Frederick Brodzinski
Robert F. Baker
Dr. Camille Kamga
Robert F. Baker
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Recruiting entry-level civil engineers and information technology specialists has become more competitive and the New York State Department of Transportation is experiencing difficulty in attracting people to these positions. Compared to the private sector, NYSDOT’s entry level salaries are lower but rise more quickly. NYSDOT believes their benefit package is better, however, this has never been quantified. If their benefit package is more valuable than that of NYSDOT’s competitors, that would offset lower starting salaries and be an attractive component of a total compensation package. Competitive compensation should enhance their recruitment efforts. This study was conducted to determine if in fact the benefit’s package is worth more than NYSDOT’s competitors. The initial salary offered by NYSDOT to entry level civil engineers is below its competition. The salary after the probation period however, is quite competitive. Fringe benefits in most categories meet or exceed those offered by the competition with exceptions of life insurance and maximum tuition reimbursement per year. It is estimated that the value of NYSDOT’s fringe benefit package is $14,352.00. NYSDOT’s competition spend a great deal more money on advertising in their recruitment efforts. Other State DOT’s far exceeded NYSDOT’s travel expenditures for recruitment. NYSDOT spent three times what the others spent on support materials.