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Dr. José Holguín-Veras
Dr. José Holguín-Veras
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The New York City (NYC) metropolitan region is home to close to 20 million residents, more than 600,000 business establishments, more than 1.3 million registered trucks, and more than 8.8 million employees. Every year, more than 80 million trucks cross the toll facilities administered by the various transportation agencies (New York Metropolitan Transportation Council, 2004). This traffic translates into a total amount of cargo of about 200 million tons. The bulk of these goods accounts for 79% of the region’s goods while the national average is 44%. As freight transportation is becoming more critical to the region, NYMTC has recognized the need to take proactive steps to enhance the overall efficiency of the freight transportation system, as a way to enhance the region and the Nation’s competitiveness.