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<p>An improvement in the transportation system in a certain area will have an impact on accessibility, which in turn may affect land use, economic development and travel patterns in that region. How large is this impact on each of the above mentioned issues? This can be measured by observing the changes in certain indicators such as population, income level, employment rate, land use patterns, and transportation system characteristics of this region. Since the main goal of this project is to assess the impact of planned transportation infrastructure investment projects on travel behavior and economic development in New Jersey (see Working Paper No.1), major efforts should be made on collecting land use, demographic, employment and other socioeconomic data. In this report, types and sources of available data for New Jersey are presented. Working Paper No.1 (page 3) stated that the work to be carried out for the objective &#39; to describe, quantify and assess the nature and impact of current and proposed transportation infrastructure investments upon accessibility and economic development&#39;. In the light of this, mainly the following data has been identified: 1. Travel behavior 2. Land use 3. Demographics 4.Income, business establishment, employment data as an indication of economic development The next section of this report briefly describes the current and proposed infrastructure investment projects relative to the characteristics mentioned in Working Paper No.1 (page3), along with other data requirements. The third section of this report addresses data issues for this project. Data required is divided into two main categories: -available data in the existing databases -data that need to be collected for the purpose of this project. 2 The third section also describes the data available in the existing databases. During the course of this project we will also develop surveys/questionnaires in order to acquire data that is not available in the existing databases. In the fourth section, a literature survey has been done to identify papers about the impact of transportation investment on economic growth, land use, accessibility and mobility. Numerous papers were found. Among them, some papers that are closely related to our project are selected and reviewed to find out about the data collected and used in these studies and the model(s) tested using the collected data.</p>