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Dr. Hansong Tang
Dr. Steven I-Jy Chien
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This project develops a method for predicting coastal flooding considering climate change and sea level rise, and its impact on population and transportation network. In particular, a modeling framework has been proposed to predict flooding and estimate affected population and traffic systems needed for evacuation plans, and the following tasks have been conducted:

  • Establishment of a hydrodynamics and hydrology flood modeling system under influence of global warming effects such as stronger storms and sea level rise. Research will be made to achieve high-resolution and accuracy desired to resolve traffic roads.
  • Development of a method to estimate flooded population and affected transportation systems (traffic roads, railroads, and bridges)
  • Application of the proposed models for forecasting flooding area and estimating flooded transportation system to the eastern side of Delaware Bay.

This project studies emerging problems in transportation due to global warming and climate change, and it employs new approaches and advanced techniques to achieve reliable predictions and better management strategies.