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UTRC Faculty Development Mini-grants


The University Transportation Research Center wants to stimulate innovative and imaginative research by faculty in new and emerging areas related to transportation. The UTRC will fund faculty members in the development of a research paper in their area of interest. The topic of the paper can involve any area of transportation including engineering, policy, economics, planning, travel behavior, sociology, management, law, and technology. Only one proposal per faculty member will be accepted in a calendar year.


Researchers interested in the program should write a one page description of an emerging transportation topic on which they would like to write a working paper plus a brief biographical sketch. The paper, when finished, should be of peer review journal quality.
The selected proposals will receive up to $5,000 to be used for costs of developing the working paper. UTRC funds can be used to pay for salary for faculty, stipends for graduate and undergraduate students or post-doctoral fellows, supplies and services and relevant travel required for the UTRC-funded project. Capital expenditures are not covered. University overhead charges are not included in the grant.
he working papers which are to be completed within a year will be independently peer-reviewed and ranked. The grant is designed to initiate and promote research; it is not renewable at the end of the one year. However, based on results, UTRC may elect to negotiate with the author of the best paper for additional research in the form of a grant for a full –scale research study on the topic of its research. No follow-up grants are guaranteed.


Applications may be made by regularly appointed full-time faculty members at UTRC member academic institutions. Previous recipients of these minigrants are eligible to apply if they have completed the paper sponsored by their previous grant. However, priority for funding will be given to first-time applicants.


Prepare a 1-page description of the proposed working paper, including how it will make a contribution to the academic literature, the transportation needs in the region and meet the mission of UTRC.
The program for this round is currently closed and no application is being accepted. The next round for submitting application will be opened during Spring 2010. Applications are to be submitted through the UTRC Online Submission System.
Applications must be received by Date: TBD.


For more information, please contact:
Ellen Thorson
UTRC – 910 Marshak Hall
City College of New York
New York, NY 10031