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Project Dates
10/01/2008 - 12/27/2014
Principal Investigators
Project Status

TELUS (Transportation, Economic & Land-Use System) is a fully integrated information-management and decision-support system designed to help Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and State Departments of Transportation (SDOTs) prepare their annual Transportation Improvement Programs and to carry out other responsibilities under the Transportation Efficiency Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21). TELUS has been funded by a grant from the FHWA. Recently the FHWA started promoting TELUS as a “Priority, Market-Ready Technology.”

Web TELUS, which is an internet-enabled system. It can be implemented at various levels. An MPO could use it in conjunction with Local Governments or a SDOT could use it with MPOs. The system essentially parallels the Desktop system with the inherent advantages of a web-based environment. The system was developed completely in Java and is highly customizable to meet most agencies requirements.

A customized version of Web TELUS called Project Information Management System (PIMS) was deployed at NYMTC in October 2006. The objective of that project was to customize Web TELUS to automate the workflow of NYMTC’s Conformity Project Information Management System (CPIMS). The developed system obtained project information from NYMTC member agencies, validated the information, incorporated with the NYBPM network coding procedure to update the highway and transit networks accordingly. It created electronic sheets, which facilitated regular, effective and efficient communications among project managers, TCC staff and NYMTC staff with respect to all transportation projects being included in the air quality conformity process.

The result was an operational web-based application called Project Information Management System.

Afterdeploying the PIMS application and subsequent use of the system by Project Managers, TCC and NYMTC Staff, additional features such as reporting and improved user friendliness would be desirable and would further improve functionality and usability of the system. After numerous meetings with end-users and other interested stake-holders, this proposal was created to enhance PIMS by developing new functionality to the system.