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This project is designed to further our understanding of the design and installation of living snow fences in NY and the region and transfer this knowledge to practitioners. A review of the literature on living snow fences and lessons learned from living snow fence programs in other states will be conducted and used to develop guidelines for design, installation, and maintenance of living snow fences. These guidelines will be used to prepare training documents and presentations, which will be presented to NYSDOT staff through a series of eight interactive and hands-on workshops, the last two of which will be run by NYSDOT staff. Protocols will be developed, based on review of the literature and field experience, for site assessment prior to design and installation. A second set of protocols will be developed for field assessment of operationally-mature living snow fences. A network of living snow fences installed in the past few years in NY will be use to evaluate protocols. Data collected on established and prospective sites will also be used to develop a cost-benefit model for living snow fences in NY. Throughout the duration of the project, these protocols, as well as training materials will be tested, updated, and revised using an adaptive management approach to further our understanding of how these systems work and how best to transfer this knowledge to practitioners.