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Project Dates
10/01/1996 - 09/30/1997
Principal Investigators
Project Status

Project publications may be ordered by contacting Dr. Ellen Thorson.

Project Summary

Implementation of embedded sensors to collect on-line dynamic loads on highway are essential mechanisms to achieve smart infrastructure. Monitoring weigh-in-motion (WIM) data collection systems is necessary to develop a functional relationship between dynamic loads and truck weight impacts on pavements. The main purpose of this research is to conduct statistical analysis of the WIM and the static truck weigh data sets to identify regression equations for estimating the cumulative ESAL for Puerto Rico's highway system. Another objective of this research is to determine truck factors for the representative vehicle configurations encountered in Puerto Rico. These data will ultimately assist in the identification and development of weigh probability distributions for each of the weigh stations strategically located in the Island's primary highway system and develop guidelines for each of the major climatic regions in the Island.