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Project Type
Education and Technology Transfer
Project Dates
08/01/2016 - 07/31/2017
Principal Investigators
Project Status

The objective of this proposal is to advance educational knowledge of students and professionals working in transportation infrastructure management and investment by offering a simulationbased graduate course. Freight transportation involves moving diverse commodities to satisfy global supply and demand for goods and services. These commodity outputs, which are connected with many diverse inputs, are often imported or exported via ports of entry (POE), primarily by truck. In 2010, the daily value of all modes of goods exchanged between the US and Canada was nearly $1.8 billion, making US-Canada trade the largest bi-national trade relationship in the world. The supply chains of both countries are highly integrated, with the majority of this trade being intra-industry. While it is important to understand the bi-national freight movement and transportation network, students and professionals located near POE are not clearly understanding the economic role of bi-national trade and POE.