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Project Dates
11/24/2008 - 12/31/2010
Project Status

Although traffic crashes have been reduced significantly in New York City since 1990, safety continues to be a major concern. Traffic calming or similar measures have been shown to be effective countermeasures for improving safety and improving the multimodal street environment, and in fact New York City has successfully introduced numerous traffic calming measures. However, to increase the effectiveness of their efforts at further increasing safety, New York City Department of Transportation needs to have better information on the expected impacts of the traffic calming measures on safety and other factors such as traffic volumes as well as which measures are most appropriate to specific situations. Additionally, they need a tool that will allow them to continue evaluating the appropriateness of traffic calming and other measures to specific locations beyond the end of this project.

Project Objectives and Goals

The objective of this project is to allow NYCDOT to proactively evaluate and address safety conditions in the city. More specifically, there are two main goals of this project:

  • Develop an enhanced analytic tool for NYCDOT to identify and evaluate safety issues in problematic locations; and

  • Determine the safety impacts of recently implemented and new candidate traffic calming measures.