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Project Objective

The goal of this study is to assist the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC) to develop, test, revise, and use regional transportation models in support of its planning and public policy activities. The project will address the complete system of analytical tools being supported by NYMTC, including the Best Practice Model (BPM), as well as the full range of data collection efforts and simulation and data reporting tools that support and complement its capabilities. Its primary objectives will be to help NYMTC:

  • Organize, Assess and Prioritize Future Modeling and Data Collection Needs.
  • Develop Policy Analysis and Visualization Tools
  • Perform Sensitivity Analysis and Demonstrate the Effectiveness of the BPM
Project Updates

As part of Task 1, the research team is soliciting input from the BPM user community on desired extensions and/or improvements to the model. Questions, comments and advice should be sent to Dr. Maria Boilé and Dr. Todd Goldman.