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Project Type
Faculty-Initiated Research
Project Dates
06/01/2015 - 08/31/2016
Principal Investigators
Project Status

The objective of this project is to evaluate the adequacy of existing zoning requirements and curb regulations to accommodate commercial deliveries to residential buildings in New York City. Through literature review, this study will explore factors influencing changing demands for goods delivery to urban residences. Through a review of regulations, existing zoning and parking/loading controls will be identified and summarized to characterize parking and loading supply available to commercial vehicles accessing new and historic developments in NYC. Datasets available from the New York City Departments of City Planning, Finance, and Transportation will be processed to enable spatial and temporal analysis of both available parking spaces dedicated for commercial use and of observed locations of commercial parking violations. Both existing parking regulations and parking violation behavior will be analyzed using spatial and statistical analysis software. Analyses will be conducted and compared across three major land use types - residential, commercial, and mixed development areas. This study will identify what, if any, unique challenges exist for commercial vehicle access to residential buildings, and what externalities may result from differences in parking behavior at these locations. Findings from this analysis will be evaluated in the context of a growing body of international city logistics solutions to identify potential urban policy, parking regulation, and supply chain approaches to better accommodate goods deliveries to residential buildings in New York.