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The overall objectives of the Integrated Incident Management System (IIMS) are to collect and communicate incident data (Location, type/ severity, digital images, and expedited reporting among agencies providing emergency response and incident/traffic/transit/emergency management services for the purpose of improving the incident response and clearance process, thus reducing congestion/emissions and enhancing highway safety to both the responder and multiple users along the transportation corridors. These data are communicated throughout the incident between emergency response vehicles and emergency and traffic operation centers, and between multiple operations centers. The types of data include digital images of the incident scene, spatial representation of the incident and roadway characteristics, key parameters describing the incident and associated emergency response needs, and supporting text. Some of the information communicated during an incident includes: location, type severity, secondary responders needed, equipment needed, and status of the response. The IIMS is designed to provide a more effective, efficient, and coordinated multi-agency response to an incident.

The objective of this project is to implement an enhanced version of the IIMS along the primary transportation corridors on Staten Island, and to conduct an evaluation of the stysem focursed on the system requirement from a user perspective, including both users as well as travelers. Results from the evaluation of the study will be used to guide further enhancements fot he IIMS in the future, and to pave the way for its deployment in areas outside the metropolitan NYC area.