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This report presents a design for an electronic permit issuance system for overdimensional and/or overweight vehicles with nondivisible loads. The system has been designed in collaboration with, and for use by, the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), but the major elements of the design (if not the specific details) should be   ransferrable to other states or agencies. The effort in this project has focused both on improving the efficiency of the special hauling permitting processes of the NYSDOT and on  improving the level of service offered to NYSDOT's customers - truckers, construction companies, and others applying for permits. The electronic system is designed to  replace a largely manual system of data checking, route verification and permit issuance. By linking personal computers at transmission companies (third parties that prepare and submit permit applications for truckers) directly to computers at NYSDOT and equipping these computers with automated route verification capability using a geographical information system (GIS), improved service can be offered at a reduced cost to the state.