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The Long Island 2035 Visioning initiaitve was established to help achieve a regional public consensus on where the next generat ion of Long Islanders could live and work, the transportation systems needed to support these settlements and the public and private actions required to ensure a prosperous, equitable and environmentally sustainable Long Island. It was designed as a multi-phase project that would develop and implement a preferred vision for Long Island’s future, a vision that would be determined through extensive public input drawn from a series of workshops that would const ruct and rigorously evaluate alternative scenarios of how the Island could develop over the next 25 years. This report describes the results of an initial phase of work that was funded by the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC) and overseen by an Executive Committee chaired by the Long Island Regional Planning Council (LIRPC). Other committee members included Nassau and Suffolk Counties, the New York State Department of Transportation, the Metropolitan Transportation Authori ty (MTA), the MTA Long Island Rail Road and the Federal Highway Administration. A Municipal Committee of public officials and a Stakeholder Committee of private and nonprofit leaders advised the Executive Committee and the study team.

The work included developing information, models and structures that could support a longer term effort to assist Long Islanders in future planning efforts. This included an initial visioning workshop that was used to develop and test some possible scenarios for 2035. The activities originally intended for future phases of the Visioning Initiative are not currently funded, but the results of this first phase can help inform other ongoing planning efforts. The analysis and findings of this initiative to date will be incorporated into the work of a new study team contracted by the LIRPC to produce the Long I sland 2035 Comprehensive Regiona  Sustainability Plan. Under the leadership of the LIRPC, the Sustainability Plan, which will be produced over the next year, intended to secure the sustainable development of Long Island’s economy and social and natural envi ronment over the next 25 years.