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Project Dates
04/15/2007 - 04/30/2010
Principal Investigators
Project Status

The Scope of Work (SOW) involves several components, as listed in the RFP for Project C-06-20, broken down into two phases and nine (9) separate tasks/subtasks. A more detailed description of the SOW by task is provided later in this section. In Phase I, Task 1, a kick-off meeting shall be conducted between the Research Team (Rutgers University) and the NYSDOT Technical Working Group (TWG) to discuss the final acceptance of the SOW. Task 2 of Phase I consists of a literature search conducted by the Research Team and a short summary of findings shall be submitted to help define a proposed workplan for laboratory testing. Task 3 of Phase 1 primarily focuses on the development of a laboratory characterization program of the selected gravels and laboratory performance of the resultant hot mix asphalt designs. Prior to providing a detailed workplan, the gravels shall be evaluated under a number of tests to characterize their angularity and suitability to be used under heavy traffic conditions (> 30 million ESAL’s). These tests include: Flat Particles, Elongated Particles, or Flat and Elongated Particles in Coarse Aggregates (ASTM D4791), Coarse Aggregate Angularity (Modified Uncompacted Voids for Coarse Aggregates, AASHTO T326), Resistance of Coarse Aggregate to Degradation by Abrasion in the Micro-Deval Apparatus (ASTM D6928), and Indexing Aggregate Particle Shape, Angularity and Texture Properties Using Aggregate Imaging System (AIMS).

Once the characterization is complete, the 25 gravels, ranging in percent of Fractured Faces (ASTM D5821), as provided by the NYSDOT, and 3 crushed stone sources shall be used to develop hot mix asphalt mixtures and evaluated in two different permanent deformation tests; Asphalt Pavement Analyzer (APA) and the Repeated Load Simple Performance Test (RL-SPT). Samples shall be tested in the APA and RL-SPT using both a PG64-28 and a polymer-modified PG70-28. This shall allow the evaluation of “bumping” the asphalt binder grade for gravels of marginal acceptance. Permanent deformation testing in the SPT-RL shall utilize confinement pressure to more accurately evaluate the development of shear strength within the aggregate structures when gravel aggregates of varying angularities are incorporated within HMA.

Once the laboratory experiment is approved by the Technical Working Group (TWG), Phase II shall consist of conducting the approved experimental program. The results shall be tabulated and evaluated using statistically-based analysis and presented to the TWG for approval. The end product of research effort shall be a Revised Final Report, representing a clear and concise summary of the significant work performed during the project, and important findings made on the basis of that work. The report shall provide as one or more appendices practical documents giving guidance to the NYSDOT in the form of new or revised specifications, engineering briefs, and/or technical advisory circulars. A presentation shall also be provided to key NYSDOT personnel and their stakeholders. The presentation shall summarize the key findings of the study, as well as a plan for implementing the results of the study.