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The study intends to achieve three objectives:

  1. to examine the impact of population and employment densities on mode choice decisions, while controlling for cost variables,
  2. if we control for cost variables such as total travel time, which includes the access time to and from transportation facilities, does the accessibility to transportation facilities still play a role?
  3. how tour level characteristics affect mode choice decisions for home-based work tours?

We investigate the role of the built environment in mode choice decisions for home-based work tours in the New York Metropolitan Region.  The analysis is conducted using a multinomial logit model.  There are two main results of this study.  First, the built environment influences people’s mode choice decisions, even after controlling cost variables.  Population and employment densities have explanatory power, so do the variables measuring the access distance between the nearest mass transportation facility and a stop in the tour.  Second, tour characteristics do affect mode choices.  Mode choice decisions shall be analyzed with tours as the analysis unit.