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Project Type
SEMPACT Research
Project Dates
09/01/2023 - 08/31/2024
Principal Investigators
Project Status

This research, addressing the areas of Inclusive Advanced Technology Application and Climate Resilient Infrastructure, will evaluate a set of proof-of-concept transportation resilience measures to determine their utility and scalability as state and local performance measures. The research will review the latest scientific literature on risk and resilience measures to catalog methodologies scoring road network assets based on road segment attributes, hazard intersections, network centrality, and accessibility. Following the review, the research will test these measures utilizing a custom graph network composed of the OpenStreetMap (OSM), the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) Road Inventory System (RIS), and the National Performance Management Research Dataset (NPMRDS) Traffic Messaging Channel (TMC) network. The research team will develop initial criticality measures by first intersecting the road network with floodplain maps, culvert and bridge locations, and other available road network metadata from RIS and OSM such as volume-to-capacity ratio and volume data. Next, the research team will run a variety of network centrality calculations as recommended by the literature. The initial criticality related attributes will then be added to the network centrality results to locate critical central segments. Finally, AVAIL aims to test the value of isochrone data for its use in transportation network resiliency measurement. AVAIL will create a baseline travel time matrix for a sub-network that can be quantified into accessibility measures. AVAIL will then run a series of facility failure scenarios where high risk critical segments are removed from the network to understand how differences between baseline and removal scenarios can be quantified and scaled for inclusion in a statewide resiliency measurement dataset.