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Project Type
SEMPACT Research
Project Dates
09/01/2023 - 08/31/2024
Principal Investigators
Project Status

For over ten (10) years, Princeton University’s Transportation Program, under the direction of Professor Alain Kornhauser has been developing interactive web-based tools to make readily available to planners and researchers the fundamental demand for mobility that supports a desirable quality-of-life that reflect where people live and the distribution of land uses in which real residential patterns are imbedded.

Having these demand patterns available at the individual personTrip level from and to precise locations departing a precise times has allowed the service design and operational analysis of demand responsive systems that can address the substantial mobility inequality that exists across different geographies resulting from the substantial spatial disparities in personal wealth, auto ownership, public transit infrastructure and workplace location.

Disparities that are smoothed out by data aggregation are readably exposed by detailed block-level census housing data. Creating individual virtual households with virtual individuals exposes the plight of the many who lack the wherewithal to drive themselves where they want and need to go. Exposed are the affordable housing locations on accessibility-challenged inexpensive land. However, safe, high-quality, affordable mobility has the opportunity to transform affordable housing to affordable living, thus substantially improving the quality-of-life of many mobility challenged individuals as well as everyone else.

The proposed research seeks to update data sets and mobility system design and analysis tools developed over the past 10 years based on circa 2010 data to current circa 2020 census, economic and spatial land-use data.