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UTRC Research Program Mission

UTRC’s research program is first and foremost responsive to our theme of “Planning and Managing Regional Transportation Systems in a Changing World”.   Issues surrounding the operation, expansion and maintenance of the region’s vast networks of intermodal and multimodal systems are increasingly complex.  UTRC, together with its regional partners and stakeholders, designs and implements a research program meant to bolster the region’s transportation systems and to assist in meeting and serving the needs of a growing and demanding customer base.  

Program Details

UTRC has developed strong relationships with local sponsors and is continuously responsive to their needs.  As a regional resource, state and local transportation agencies routinely look to the Center to deal with research and training problems and questions that require academic inputs or the application of state-of-the-art technologies.  Public agencies, private organizations and nonprofits participate in the UTRC Research program and studies related to transit, intermodalism, infrastructure, funding and pricing and more, are regularly carried out.


UTRC consortium members may have a copy of any of the RFPs listed by contacting Camille Kamga, UTRC Director. All proposals must be led by an eligible Principal Investigator at a university that is a member of the UTRC consortium. Teams that include multiple universities or non-consortium partners are welcome.


UTRC  is the repository of hundreds of project reports related to sponsored research.  Here you may  search  or browse the hundreds of project reports on various topics.  The Guided Search tool makes it easy to find projects by keywords, topics, document types, principal investigators and more.

UTRC Research Initiative

The UTRC Research Initiative is a competitive matching grant program for faculty-initiated research projects. Each spring, UTRC issues a Request for Proposals for projects to be funded in the following academic year. Proposals are evaluated by faculty at other University Transportation Centers outside Region II, as well as by UTRC's partner agencies within the region, and awarded on a competitive basis.

UTRC Advanced Technology Initiative

The primary purpose of this program is to fund novel and exciting ideas from faculty in the area of transportation. The projects funded should seek to promote excellent and innovative research projects on transportation problems relevant to U.S. DOT’s Region II. The funded projects should likely make important and valuable contributions to technology in the transportation field.

UTRC Faculty Development Minigrants

The University Transportation Research Center wants to stimulate innovative and imaginative research by faculty in new and emerging areas related to transportation. The UTRC will fund faculty members in the development of a research paper in their area of interest. The topic of the paper can involve any area of transportation including engineering, policy, economics, planning, travel behavior, sociology, management, law, and technology. Only one proposal per faculty member will be accepted in a calendar year.

Resources for Researchers

Several of UTRC's partner agencies have issued guidelines for proposals, budgets, and reports. Researchers strongly advised to review these documents.