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Tech Brief

Analysis of Human Factors in Nighttime Work Zones

<p>This report presents the results of a research project aimed at providing insights into the human factors associated with nighttime work zones on the New Jersey Department of Transportation construction and maintenance projects. It examines the impacts that nighttime construction activity has upon the workers and seeks to define work standards to mitigate these factors. These impacts are assessed through field surveys, focus group and interviews that included: highway engineers, construction workers (laborers), field supervisors, and contractors.</p>

Graduated Driver Licensing in New Jersey: Phase I

<p>In 1998, the State of New Jersey passed a Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) law to take effect on January 1, 2001. The law enacted a three stage licensing system; in simplified form this consists of: 1. Special learner?s permit for 16 year olds, during which the new driver must be supervised by an experienced driver over 21; 2. Provisional license for 17 year olds who have completed minimum of 6 months with a learner?s permit, during which the new driver may not drive between Midnight and 5 AM and is restricted in the number of passengers under 21 that may be carried; and 3.

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