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The primary purpose of this working paper is to present available land use information for New Jersey State at county and municipality level (where available). Land use research is important for many scientific, ecological and land management purposes. Land use/land cover maps tell us how much of the landscape is changing, as well as what changes have occurred and where the changes are taking place. When we have a glance at the recent reports (City 1990) on land use issues, we can see that there are generally the following categories of land use (all in acres): 1.Single-family housing units 2.Multi-family housing units 3.Commercial 4.Office 5.Industrial (Manufacturing, Warehousing, Equipment sales & service, Recycling & scrap) 6.Mining 7.Civic (Semi-institutional housing, Hospital, Government services, Educational, Meeting & assembly, Cemetary) 8.Open Space 9.Transportation (Railroad facilities, Transportation terminal, Aviation facilities, Marina, Parking) 10.Utilities 11.Undeveloped/Rural (Vacant, Under Construction) 12.Water This working paper presents the available land use data for all the New Jersey counties using TransCAD.