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Project Objectives
  1. To describe, quantify and assess the nature and impact of current and proposed transportation infrastructure investments upon accessibility and economic development.
  2. To review and quantify recent and proposed land use changes and developments, and evaluate such changes as a response to investment and accessibility.
  3. To develop analytical tools to assess the ties of investments to accessibility to assist in policy decisions concerning future infrastructure investments and development projects. These tools will be especially useful to assess New Jersey's potential for growth within a highly competitive region.
  4. To conduct the above assessments looking at all modes, freight and passenger, understanding that both are essential for economic well being and that investment strategies must examine means of providing for both.
  5. To study the above in a joint academic?NJDOT setting, providing training and education for the professionals who will eventually be responsible for infrastructure and land use planning and implementation. Some may be in agencies and firms today; others may be students, soon to be employed by agencies.