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Dr. Xuegang (Jeff) Ban
Dr. Camille Kamga
Dr. Xiaokun (Cara) Wang
Dr. Kyriacos Mouskos
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Adaptive Control Software Lite (ACS-Lite) is a traffic signal timing optimization system that dynamically adjusts traffic signal timings to meet current traffic demands. The purpose of this research project was to deploy and evaluate the ACS-Lite adaptive traffic control system on a congested urban corridor in New York State (NYS). In this case, the Wolf Road Corridor in Albany, New York, was chosen. The primary goal was to document the experiences and key lessons learned from the deployment and evaluation regarding how an adaptive control system can be deployed, the advantages and disadvantages of the system, and whether it is suitable for use in other corridors in NYS. The results of the project showed that for heavily congested corridors adaptive control can improve flow within its own system, but may cause extra delays at the boundaries where there are interactions with other traffic control systems. Therefore, a more comprehensive control/management framework may be needed in some cases. The specific ACS-Lite software also needed to be upgraded and improved in order to work for the selected corridor, which caused delays to this project.