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Dr. Jay Meegoda
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DIAMS is a computerized database that captures and stores relevant information associated with all aboveground and underground hydraulic structures owned by NJDOT. It retrieves relevant performance and financial information so that NJDOT can remain compliant with Phase II of the Government Accounting Standards Board Statement 34. It also retrieves all relevant environmental information to comply with the Clean Water Act and reporting requirements of NJDEP. DIAMS was initially developed based upon the NJDOT contractors using WinCAN7. However, some of the inspection contractors have already begun to utilize the newly released version, i.e., WinCAN8, which reportedly may not be entirely compatible with the DIAMS front-end MS™ Access database. Consequently, the ability of NJDOT personnel to upload data into the DIAMS was restricted to data produced by the earlier version. Hence, DIAMS was upgraded to be compatible with the current versions of NJDOT vendor pipeline inspection software packages.