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The competitiveness of the Port Authority of NY & NJ is dependent on intermodal freight movement through the port. This project provides an analysis of the efficiency of the Port's intermodal movements. The analysis will focus on the objective of keeping the cost of movement at a minimum while at the same time providing for maximum efficiency. The project is divided into three phases: I. crane performance (completed), II. infrastructure access and infrastructure access (near completion) and III. logistics operations of marine container terminal (the present proposal).

Phase III will focus on the logistics operations of marine container terminal needs to improve freight movement in light of expectations that container movement will double by the year 2015. This phase will focus on logistics operations inside a marine container terminal. It will analyze and integrate the areas of information management, yard management procedures, container yard operations, equipment utilization, and space allocation and utilization to optimize vessel operations and cargo handling (receiving and delivering). The efficiency of freight movements and supply chain management are important. All will be reviewed for public investments, improved freight flow and regional economic liability.