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The FHWA, through its New York Division/New York City Metropolitan office is promoting programs pertaining to urban Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in the region. The NYCDOT and NYSDOT-Region 11 Planning have taken the initiative in working with FHWA to take advantage of this FHWA program. NYCDOT and NYSDOT have developed the Training Courses and Research and Development Programs for the NYCDOT and NYSDOT Coordinated Intelligent Transportation Systems Deployment in New York City (CIDNY) which is a set of multi studies (task assignments) toward the fulfillment of the objectives of these programs.

The 2013 studies are being performed by institutions of the Region 2 University Transportation Research Center (UTRC). The studies focused on the following program areas: Construction Management, Traffic Demand Management, Dynamic Data Collection, Traffic Incident Management, Traffic Signal Timing and Detection Technologies, Strategic ITS Deployment Plan, Pedestrians and Cyclists Safety, Data Storage and Access Platform for MTA Bus Time Data.

The following tasks have been completed under this program.